Looking for a great FTP Search engine? Below we have compiled a list of the best FTP Search engines available online.

If you know of another, please don’t hesitate to comment and I’ll be sure to include it on this list.

Happy FTP Searching!

The following sites provide FTP Search Engines:


Global File Search is a very big FTP search engine. They have a new feature that can scan recent FTP server which is visited by people making this latest feature informative and very helpful.



Mamont is a Russian file search engine. Some say that this search engine is the biggest FTP search engine use to finding FTP servers.




FTP search is a FTP search engine used to finding downloads for free. Free images, mp3s, freeware or shareware files found on the net.




Napalm FTP indexer is the mostly maintained by their members and has a decent search engine for FTP search engine and FTP indexer.




File Watcher is a FTP search engine can be easily used to find contents and directories.





FileMirrors - Anonymous URL sharing and file searching service.





Search 22 –  All-in-one FTP search page. Links to top FTP search engines, FTP servers and file download sites



Oth.net –  The Media Search Engine





FTP search v3.4 Sweden





FTP Search Lore




RPM - Offers search in RPMs content and search of ftp servers






Find File - Search more than 800 Mio files. Download documents & ebooks, videos & images and etc.




On CuteFTP Guide you get tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your CuteFTP Software.