upload1Any ordinary person transfers their files via email or instant messaging. Normally, these ways can only allow you to transfer a maximum of 10mb. Pretty enduring for any layman.

Unfortunately, this arrangement doesn’t work for IT Professionals. As the file to be transferred becomes larger, transfer time takes almost forever and sometimes even fail.

Here comes the existence of FTP’s . Its goal is to assure file transfers to be easy, fast and secure. Advantages that IT Professionals are looking for.

Among all the FTP technologies known to us, how can CuteFTP be a top option for pros? What does it offer and what are the best things about it that other FTP solutions doesn’t have?

Below are some of what CuteFTP can offer for the IT Professionals.

1. Wide-Transfer Options

a. Scheduled Transfers –Set a date and time for transfers to occur.

b. Concurrent Transfers -Allows transfer of more than one file at the same time

c. Multi-part Transfers -Allows large files to be split up in parts and be transferred concurrently.

d. Compressed Transfers -Lets you compress and decompress files with its built-in support for ZIP, CAB and GZIP/Tarball.

e. Site-to-site Transfers -Transfer files from one FTP server to another.

f. Turbo Transfer –With Turbo Transfer mode, file compression and multi-part transfer are automatic for speedier transfers.

2. Secure Transfer

a. FTPS -Strong 128-bit SSL negotiates connections and encrypts the data stream.

b. SSH Secured – Using public-key based authentication, gain secure connection to SFTP server

c. OpenPGP Encryption -Date transfer is more secured, whether sending or receiving, with automatic – PGP encryption and decryption.

d. HTTPS -Transfer securely using HTTP and HTTP over SSL standards.

e.OTP – Secure logins with One Time Password (OTP) authentication.

3. Better Management

a. Advanced Search – Search your files and folders easily on local computer or a remote server.

b. Podcast Manager – Automatically create and update your Podcast RSS feed when you use CuteFTP to manage your Podcast files. It even includes a Podcast subscription manager that automatically downloads new episodes, or lets you select only the ones that sound interesting.

c. Local Backup – Quickly and easily back up your computer to a remote server for added data security.

d. Integrate Editor – Allows you to perform quick edits of Web pages or other documents remotely.

Go ahead and try CuteFTP out and you’ll see what an awesome FTP partner it can be for you IT Professionals.

Until next time 😉

Peter – Your CuteFTP Guide