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cuteftpIf you already own CuteFTP  I know you too are very thankful to have your own copy of CuteFTP running on your computer to manage your file transfers fast , easy as 1-2-3 and secure.

The most important function of any FTP application, is its connection capabilities. To be exact we need an FTP that has a connection wizard to take us step-by-step in setting up a new FTP connection, has better management of the connected sites, allows multiple connection to different sites, stays connected to site even when without activity and many more.  CuteFTP is the only FTP software that I know that has qualified!

Top Connection Utilities that CuteFTP delivers:

1. Step-by-Step Connection Wizard

Connecting to an FTP site has never been made easier than with CuteFTP’s wizard. To get started you just click on the Star Wand . This will bring up the Connection Wizard dialog box. Enter the host address and sitename CuteFTP will then automatically connect you to the new added site and save it to your Site Manager.


2. Site Manager

An address book which stores all the sites, it allows you to perform operations on each site such as: Rename, Delete, Connect and more. Within the site Manager, you can also export or import site data as well as address books from 3rd party FTP clients or previous versions of CuteFTP. Its data can also be encrypted with a password to ensure security and protection.


3. Quick Connect Bar

CuteFTP gives you faster means of re-connecting to a site with the use of Quick Connect Bar. Just choose the site you want to connect to from the drop-down menu, its username and password fields will automatically be filled in and then click Connect. You can also create a new site and add it in the Site Manager from the Quick Connect bar.

There are two ways to add the Quick Connect Bar by:

a. Go to File menu > Connect > Quick Connect; or

b. Press Ctrl + F8 on your keyboard.


4. Proxy /Socks / Firewall

Whatever type of connection you are connected in, CuteFTP can still connect you to the Internet with the help of its Proxy. On the Proxy Settings page,  you can choose different proxy connection options. CuteFTP gives you the option to configure the proxy settings manually or automatically by detecting the Internet Explorer’s proxy settings.

5. Smart Keep Alive

The Keep Alive feature allows you to stay connected to those sites that automatically disconnect you whenever there’s no activity taking place.


6. Multiple Connections

You can connect, browse and navigate multiple sites at the same time, one feature that other FTP clients don’t have. Each connection window is separated by tabs.

And many more….

What a Great Tool!  Get yourself a copy or tell someone someone who might appreciate it to Check out more of CuteFTP. If you already own CuteFTP you can upgrade to the latest version. Just request CuteFTP upgrade here.

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